X-Raiders - The Story

Volume 1 - Fall of Syaxel

X-Raiders - Fall of Syaxel


Fall of Syaxel,

Long gone are the days when the people of a distant planet called Syaxel could live in peace, with hopes for a better future. Torn down by war, the highly technologically advanced civilisation is at the brink of destruction. Struggling to maintain the balance between their environment's survival, and the infinite possibilities granted by advanced science, perpetual conflicts of global scale scatters the surface of this once uneventful planet. Through theses challenges, a team of heroes will rise. Born with a special genetic disorder giving them incredible powers, they will assemble at the worst of times in order to turn the fate on their dark horizon.

Little did they know about the destiny of their planet, the greater evil lurking at the dawn of space, the final battle that will bring an end to this race. Theses are the tales of the X-Raiders, their last moment and struggle through the events that will ultimately lead to the destruction of their home world: Syaxel.